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  5. "Σου αρέσει η ζωγραφική;"

"Σου αρέσει η ζωγραφική;"

Translation:Do you like painting?

December 12, 2016



"Σου αρέσει η ζωγραφική;" can also mean "Do you like drawing? " ie as in "to draw" , as opposed to "painting" or "to paint."


Σου αρέσει να ζωγραφίζει ; == Do you like to paint? Does the form in Duo's question refer to the action of painting? If I asked someone whether they liked painting, they would think I meant the action of painting. If I asked: "Do you like paintings?" that would be different. Then they would understand that I was referring to the physical objects called paintings.


η ζωγραφική I understand as "painting" in the sense of an art subject or genre.

A bit like "do you like music" -- it's not the act of making or listening to music, and it's not a particular piece of music, but it's music as a genre or concept.


the problem is that it does not work like that in English; you would have to say "do you like paintings?"


Not necessarily. There are contexts where "painting" is ambiguous, but there are contexts where it isn't.

For example, we're at the museum and I ask: "Do you like painting or sculpture?"

"Painting" clearly refers to the art form.


Thanks for that.


Do you like to paint? Σου αρέσει να ζωγραφϊζεις


Agreed. "Do you like painting" could just about cover the meaning of the Greek here, but only in a pretty specific context. E.g. We're visiting an art museum, I ask you "What would you like to see? Do you like sculpture? Do you like painting?"

Without that context, as you say, the default interpretation of "do you like painting?" would be "do you yourself like to paint?"


If you know that someone is painting you can ask "σου αρέσει η ζωγραφική" otherwise you would use what John says. η ζωγραφική - the art-form PAINTINGS in general ο πίνακας - the painting - like Mona Lisa


I'm a bit confused. Does η ζωγραφική mean "painting" as the process, "painting" as the resulting object or both? In the first case "do you like art" should also be accepted, because in English the art of painting is just called art by default. In the second case "do you like the painting" should not be marked wrong. In the third case, both should be accepted.


None of them Goren. ζωγραφική, εικαστική τέχνη ή καλλιτεχνία = the fine arts

for the process of painting you must use the verb ζωγραφίζω

the result of painting is η ζωγραφιά, η εικόνα


duolingo rejects η ζωγραφιά for "the painting". Is kirakrakra correct? What are the most common words for the result of painting?


@BillDe. - The result of painting = "the painting" = "ο πίνακας" = "η ζωγραφιά". - And "the painting" as a form of art (for instance 17th-century Dutch painting) = "η ζωγραφική".

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