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"Tôi muốn một điểm số đáng nể."

Translation:I want to have an admirable score.

December 12, 2016


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Hm, would điểm be related to the Mandarin dian or Cantonese dim? What is "dim sum" in Vietnamese?


I think it is translated directly to điểm tâm, though it means breakfast in general in Vietnamese. Not sure if its the same meaning with điểm for point, though.


Yes,điểm is point in English


Since the sentence has "điểm số" I take it that "điểm" means "point" as in "points in a score" rather than as in "her strong point is.... " or "the point of the strory Is... " or "the point of a knife." The context leaves this a bit murky.


"I want to have a respectable score" should be accepted.

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