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Quanti bambini si chiamano...?

I just found this link and enjoyed it:


A question to the natives out there: Can you guess by somebody's first name how old the person is, whether (s)he is from the South or North, how educated or conservative or religious his/her parents are?

December 12, 2016



Maybe 10% of the times I can guess the origin of a person by their name, but at least 25% of the times give or take for older people. Some names, like Salvatore, are typically Southern. There are names mostly used in one city or region, like Ciro in Naples and surrounding areas, or Ambrogio in Milan. While in the past many children were given names related to their region, this usually isn't the case nowadays. Both my parents have names that you mostly find in Sicily, but me and my siblings were given very common names and that's the case for many other people I know. So, to answer your other question: if I hear a "weird" name, there is a fat chance it belongs to an older person. As for religious or conservative names, well, not really: I mean, Giuseppe and Maria are quite common anyways (they were more common in the past by the way). Sure, if your name is for instance Ezechiele I am pretty sure your parents are religious people (and don't care much about you being made fun of), but names like this are extremely rare. Some decades ago many children were named Benito, not something to be proud of.


Molto interessante, grazie mille!

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