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Skills Won't Strengthen!

The gold skills always turn back to their original color even though I strengthened them! This happened 4 times to 3 different skills already! Please do something about this Duolingo. Merci beaucoup.

February 23, 2014



I'm having the same problem in French: I strengthen a skill, with perfect score, no hearts lost etc (going through stuff that is actually too easy, just for the sake of tidiness) and the colour does not go to orange. it's rather frustrating....I have a gazillion things to strengthen (even though I don't actually need to...) and have the stamina and perseverance to do so... but NOT motivated to do so if they won't turn orange?! Is this an ipad problem? Any resolution in sight?


I have the exact same problem on my iphone. I stregthen with a perfect score and it doenst move one notch or stregthen at all


I have the exact same problem. Using Chrome here.


I switched from Safari to Firefox and resolved it. Hope that helps


I use Firefox and have exactly the same problem. I had been learning Italian and decided to use Duolingo to refresh my French, which is quite good. I raced through 30+ blocks of exercises... then they all demanded strengthening at much the same time. I don't "need" to strengthen them, but was prepare to do so. I can go through 20/20 and still not turn orange. I am seriously thinking about abondonning Dulingo altogether because this is so frustrating.


I had the same problem with the "Flirting" circle in French. Quite frustrating as everything else is golden for months, but this simple stupid "Flirting" did never go beyond about haf of the little golden/orange scale at the bottom, not even when repeated "strengthen" multiple times in a row without any mistake.

But now I found the solution: Instead of "strengthen" the "Flirting" I did "redo" on its parts! Et voila, "Flirting" finally turned golden again :-) By the way, this way also also got exercises which I never got before with "strenghten". Looks like a bug in Duolingo to me.


Hi, I have the same problem with "Flirting". Yeah, looks like a bug. What do you mean by "redo on its parts"? I'd like to see it golden because it's really annoying when you've perfected it but it doesn't reflect on the color. Thanks!


Sorry, never mind, I get it now. You mean redo all the lessons. It worked! =) Thanks for the tip!


You are great, that was the solution. Just Redo the parts and done :D


I strengthen all my skills last night.. I was ready to begin a new skill but when I opened up Duolingo this morning, 4 skills appeared weakened. It drives me nuts! I can't seem to move on


Same issue here too. I've had 8 or 9 completed lessons tonight that didn't visibly strengthen the subject. It's good practice anyway, but a little demoralising for it not to really 'count'!


I keep having the same problem with the spanish. Over a few weeks now, have written to DuoLingo as well! I was so enjoying Duo Lingo until that point.


I'm having this problem with Adverbs and Objects in Spanish. It shows up the same on both the P.C. with Chrome and on my Ipad version as well. I did Objects last night and it didn't strengthen. I got the experience, but the lesson didn't go up to gold.


Okay, now this is getting to be a real problem. Neither Adverbs nor Objects will strengthen at all. They are both dropping down no matter if I do them or not.


After doing them several times, they went back up to 3/4, but now Places is doing the same thing.


Let me rephrase it. The skills can strengthen, but they turn back to 4/5 after a short time.


I get this, too. There are certain skills that are more likely than others to do this for me. For example, Travel, Dates and Time, and Nature in German all tend to revert very quickly. It is very annoying, but be grateful that you do not have the issue of answering twenty questions on a skill only to have Duo freeze on you and not award any points at all. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to finish my tree, despite spending time on it every day. Too bad, because Duo is pretty great when it works.


They turned back to their original color already.....


I have been stuck on Possessives 3 in French (Strength: 5/5) and Numbers in Spanish (of all things! It is SO BASIC!) (Strength: 5/5). Actually, Fr possessives is also basic. I got lots of XP, beat the clock, but have nothing to show for it. I have been repeating & repeating the strengthening exercises, then tried REDO for each lesson, as suggested above. No lingots, no next level, no new topic, nothing, rien, nada. Just lots of typing, usually the same phrases over and over again. My fingers are tired from this typing treadmill. :( Please help.


present 3 for German does not strengthen. please repair.


Good luck, I have been waiting for a whole year now.


have you tried redo the individual lessons? I had the same problem with a french lesson, but when I did the first lesson again, I got the whole lesson full bar


Thanks for this advice ..it really worked a treat for my Greek skills ...I only had to redo the first one or two lessons on the weakened skills and now for the first time in weeks I see completely full trees!!! Now I can move on!!


I had this problem and think I know what the issue is. I think duolingo are updating these topics with new phrases. When you strengthen it, you only get the previous phrases you have already learnt which stops the topic from turning gold without the new phrases. Instead, redo the lessons instead of strengthening them and it will turn gold. More time consuming but at least you get to see the new phrases


Is there a way to know which one is the new phrase?


I don't think so but after you've done these lessons many times trying to get them to turn gold before redoing them properly, you get to realise ones youve not seen before.


Thank you! This solution has finally strengthened the bars!!


I just followed your advice in French "Flirting". It updated and gilded up right away. Thanks


Thanks a lot, that was so helpful!


I just finished the Swedish tree the other day and since then 7 skills had become weakened. I strengthened them early this morning (finished at 2:09am) so all were golden again, however, now (9:12pm) 13 skills have become weakened again already ... only 19 hours later.

Why are so many weakening so fast? How come the personalized lesson does not strengthen all of them in one go? Are they ever going to stop becoming weakened?

I shudder at the thought of trying to learn as many languages as nickd717 and keeping every skill golden. I guess one just have to ignore that they are not golden any longer after a certain point.


Can you give an example of a skill that is not being strengthened?


My students are having this problem with Spanish Objects and Adverbs.


Within the past couple of hours it said I needed to strengthen my Spanish idioms & proverbs. So I went & hit strengthen the way I normally do, but completing the practice several times (and several of those times without losing even one heart) didn't change the fact that it still said 4/5. Eventually I decided to try going through the two individual lessons again instead of using the strengthen button, and when I finished the first one, suddenly the skill was strengthened back to 5/gold. It was frustrating that so many perfect practices didn't do it, though.


I´ve just had the same problem as Dlydiad, Just done the Idioms skill 6 times receieving 74 points and it´s still on 4/5! going to try individual lessons now, will let you know!

Edit: I've just done lesson 1 again and that strengthened it back to 5/5!

Edit 2: Flirting strengthened first time on skill practice from 4/5 to 5/5


verbs present 3 for french


I am having this issue with Flirting. I strengthen it and it is immediately back to 4/5 multiple times a day. In addition, I used to have to refresh Idioms every two days. Now I never need to refresh it.


This seems to be resolved today.


"Te + infinitive verbs" (#29) in Dutch from English.


I have used Strengthen Skills on this one 4 times and can't get it to go 5/5


I'm trying to learn Greek and as of now there are 3 skills that just won't strengthen anymore, no matter how often I try... Glad to know I'm not the only one having this issue, not so glad this has been around for over a year apparently and still not been fixed...


Sign out then back in again


Doing Swedish now and even though I have 10+ non-gold skills, "Strengthen Skills" rarely if ever turns them gold. This is rather annoying as this would be a great feature if it worked properly. Having an insane number of non-gold skills is a deterrent for me to even bother trying to strengthen them. It would be excellent to be able to strengthen more efficiently this way, say do 10 lessons to turn 20 skills gold again. As it stands now, it just wastes my time.


Even when I strengthen my skills four times they still go back. There is one of my skills that I strengthened six times and it still went back. Please change that! It isn't helpful. Multumesc! :)


I have worked on 1-7 of the 8 Italian Propositions lessons at least 4 times and each time after I close my session, my progress is not saved. I first did this twice on an underground subway with my iPhone so I figured that was the problem. I tried the lessons again from above ground, and my progress did not save. Then I worked on Prepositions again from a laptop, connected to wifi, and again it did not save.

I am now trying to test out of Prepositions, but as I haven't taken the last lesson, my skills are not high enough to pass. I really want to continue using DuoLingo, especially while I'm in the subway, but I can't progress anymore! Please fix this! I go to Italy in 3 weeks and I want to use some Italian!


App won't let me move on says I have to create profile and when I add my details it just keeps saying email taken so changed my password but still won't let me create profile driving me nuts as I can't move past basic


I guess Duolingo is broken? I recently migrated full time to the web version after the Android App became unusable for me (with the introduction of randomly chucked in 'motivational advice' that can't be turned off). Now skills won't top up from 4/5 to Gold. Shame that Duolingo goes backwards as my languages do.


I'm doing the Greek course and no matter how many times I strengthen certain skills with perfect score I can't get the bars up past 3 or 4. Only happens for a selection of skills, I have plenty of other skills that are gold. Very frustrating.


I think a way to fix it is to redo the individual lessons rather than hitting the 'strengthen' button. According to this post - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3959259/Skill-won-t-strengthen - your level for a skill depends on how good you are at all words within the skill and just hitting the 'strengthen' button doesn't always cover the entire range within that skill.


Same for me. I don't even get the screen with the bars being strengthen after doing practice. It's really annoying and has been going on for a while


If you have timed practice on, turning it off worked for me. Now I have full strength bars again!


I see this is an old thread but I am having problems with this issue currently. I found on the computer skills wouldn't strengthen but they would on my iPhone. Now it is better on the computer, but I have up to 30 skills that need strengthening each day and I don't have time or motivation to do this! I also am frustrated that answers that seem to be correct are not and I don't know why! Is anyone else having this problem?


Still having this problem as of now... with Spanish. Start 4/5 - run through a strengthen exercise perfectly - still 4/5


i am am using two separate emails for 2 languages on same chrome--one is acting up (no proper strengthening on timed practices, no progress, no upgrade in skills, etc) the other is working fine--what is solution to repairing this situation. thank you.


i am am using two separate emails for 2 languages on same chrome--one is acting up (no proper strengthening on timed practices, no progress, no upgrade in skills, etc) the other is working fine--what is solution to repairing this situation. thank you.


So discouraged about my progress--which is little to no progress due to constantly having to strengthen my skills. Insane rate of decay. Please fix the problem before I have to medicate to even turn on my computer in the morning. I almost have a stroke when I see how much I have gone backwards while I slept.


In German I dont see the blue strengthen button anymore. It has been replaced by a blue clock. I would like to see the strengthen skills button back. It helps me to practise


Still broken 3 years later... with Portuguese - PC - Firefox. Start 4/5 - run through a strengthen exercise perfectly 3 times - still 4/5. Once through on Android and it updates.

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