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"Noi îi găsim pe copiii lor."

Translation:We find their children.

1 year ago



Would this not be just "Noi gasim copiii lor"? I am not sure I understand what "ii" and "pe" are doing....

1 year ago


Seems in Romanian some verbs need an accusative pronoun even if the thing the pronoun is replacing is also there and to boot the table on Duolingo of accusative pronouns seems to have missed off this ii - don't forget the hat ont he first i... It's a bit like saying "we find them, their children" (comma crucial to my meaning here). Then accusative pronouns always come with a pe - perhaps better to say the verbs that use accusative pronouns come with a pe! Does that make sense to you or anyone else or am i on my own?

1 year ago


Shouldn't this be "le" as opposed to "îi". From my (limited) understanding, isnt "îi" used only for individuals?

1 year ago