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  5. "Το ωραίο περιβάλλον."

"Το ωραίο περιβάλλον."

Translation:The beautiful environment.

December 12, 2016



ωραίο is normally translated as 'lovely' in british English - I don't know why you don't allow it


It's been added. However, please bear in mind that Duo's official learning language is American English. We do get reports about us not having some British words added. We do try to add as many as we can (not only British, but Canadian and Australian too), if there is no potential confusion in context, to be fair and please as many learners as we can. But of course that are still some that we haven't added just yet, since the course originally included American ones only.

Thank you for your comment and patience. ^.^


I would like to be able to put 'surroundings' or 'environment'.


Environment is already the best translation here. I just added surroundings, thank you for the input. ^.^ (Also, keep in mind that surroundings translates perfectly to περίχωρα (neut., plural).)


Is there a verb form associated with the word "χωρα" in περίχωρα?

I love drawing parallels between Greek and Sanskrit and "surroundings" is called "Parisaras" (Παρισαρας in Greek script :-)) which is quite close to its Greek counterpart.


Το περιβάλλον = noun: the environment, from περιβάλλω = verb: to surround.......literally to βάλλω (throw) about.


Another example in which ´fine´ is marked wrong ...

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