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"- What do you want? - Nothing."

Translation:- Що ви хочете? - Нічого.

December 12, 2016



Analogous to Polish I think the correct question (validated by the answer) is: Чого ви хочете. Any thoughts on this?

[deactivated user]

    Both «Що ви хочете?» and «Чого ви хочете?» are possible here. The genitive generally adds a partitive meaning, as if you don't want the object as a whole but a part of it. E.g.:

    • Що ви хочете? Чай чи каву? 'What do you want? [A] tea or [a] coffee?' (this is the default option)
    • Чого ви хочете? Чаю чи кави? 'What do you want? Some tea or some coffee?' (this option assumes you don't offer all the thing, but just some part of it — so, it sounds OK for things that can be divided into parts)

    If the thing cannot be divided into parts, and used as a whole, then accusative sounds better:

    • Що ви хочете? Компʼютер чи планшет? 'What do you want? A computer or a tablet?' (here, we're talking about items as a whole, so we use accusative)

    Since we don't have the context in Duolingo, I believe both options should be accepted.

    The answer doesn't validate much here, because it's normal to use genitive for objects in negative sentences, and accusative in positive sentences. E.g. «Я хочу цю книжку» 'I want this book' vs. «Я не хочу цієї книжки» 'I don't want this book'.


    Why does нічого not have “не” after it in a situation like this? I think there was an earlier example where the answer was Вона не чула нічого..... the не and нічого were separated.


    Why isnt що ти хочете accepted ? Isnt ви and ти interchangeable?



    1) Я хочу 2) Ти хочеш 3) Він/вона хоче


    1) Ми хочемо 2) Ви хочете 3) Вони хочуть

    [deactivated user]

      The verb changes its form depending on the pronoun used:

      • Що ти хо́чеш?
      • Що ви хо́чете?

      Mixing ти with хочете is ungrammatical. Although, of course, you will be understood if you confused them in real life.

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