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  5. "Chuala mé é sin le déanaí."

"Chuala é sin le déanaí."

Translation:I heard that recently.

December 12, 2016



Surely 'I recently heard that' shoukd be accepted?


You wouldn't say "I yesterday heard it" or "I last week heard it", so when "recently" is used as an adverb of time, it makes more sense at the end, though "recently" can also be used as an adjective ("the recently published book").

For an Irish to English translation, there really isn't any justification for jumbling up the word order, even though you can probably use le déanaí to translate both the adverbial and the adjectival sense of "recently".


I did not see the irregular verbs posted in their past tenses?


You can you can look up any verb, in any tense, in the Bunachar Gramadaí on teanglann.ie.


go raibh maith agat

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