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  5. "Fetele nu mă cunosc pe mine."

"Fetele nu cunosc pe mine."

Translation:The girls do not know me.

December 12, 2016



This sentence really through me for a loop, why so many references to me?

"ma cunosc" made me think it was I know myself, but I guess in retrospect "cunosc" could refer to I or they... but why "pe mine" at the end?


That is what this whole section is about, stressing(/repeating) the second or third person. And hence the subject being referred to, is accentuated/stressed.


why is this cunosc and not cunoaște?


Because all verbs are apart of a conjugation group


Once you see the patterns you will get a feel for how each group is conjugated


So it is not essential sentence construction? Instead it is for emphasis? So, which stem do I use if I don't particularly want to emphasise; 'ma' or 'pe mine' ?


The girls don't KNOW me = fetele nu ma cunosc

The girls don't know ME = fetele nu ma cunosc pe mine

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