"Fetele nu mă cunosc pe mine."

Translation:The girls do not know me.

December 12, 2016

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This sentence really through me for a loop, why so many references to me?

"ma cunosc" made me think it was I know myself, but I guess in retrospect "cunosc" could refer to I or they... but why "pe mine" at the end?


That is what this whole section is about, stressing(/repeating) the second or third person. And hence the subject being referred to, is accentuated/stressed.


So it is not essential sentence construction? Instead it is for emphasis? So, which stem do I use if I don't particularly want to emphasise; 'ma' or 'pe mine' ?


The girls don't KNOW me = fetele nu ma cunosc

The girls don't know ME = fetele nu ma cunosc pe mine


That is the most sensible comment I have read in the entire course--It gives me some hope for understanding! Have a lingot


why is this cunosc and not cunoaște?


Because all verbs are apart of a conjugation group


Once you see the patterns you will get a feel for how each group is conjugated


Fetele is third person plural, and cunosc can be either first person singular or third person plural. In this case it's the latter in agreement with the subject, fetele.

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