"Este un prânz privat."

Translation:It is a private lunch.

December 12, 2016

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In this audio it's unclear whether it's "pranz" or "pret". Native speaker


If you are over fifty, or possibly from the North of England, dinner is your meal at 12 noon and supper or "tea" is your meal in the evening. Any comments please? Can English people who remember pounds, shillings and pence be allowed dinner please?


The decimalisation of the pound came eight years before I was even born, so I don't remember shillings, farthings and all the rest of it :-), but yes, up here in the North "tea" is a very common denomination for the evening meal, and "dinner" is a light meal in the middle of the day. And then there's school dinners, or Christmas dinner, which I believe are in widespread use throughout England, still.

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