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Why are you learning Irish?

Everybody's reason is probably different from the next. I would love to know why YOU chose it. I chose it as I am a 3 generation descendent from Ireland. I guess you could say it's in my blood.

December 12, 2016



As someone whose Irish has gone rusty, I always thought it was a lovely language and as both my parents, god rest them, would be very disappointed if I let it fade altogether.

Slan tamaill

Pauric P


I'm a linguist and work with Aboriginal people across Australia to help them document and preserve their languages. One situation I work with, the language hasn't been spoken for nearly a century and we are working to revive it based on historical materials. So I thought I should be learning my own heritage language! Irish is great fun, it's totally different to Australian languages and stretches the brain in very interesting ways.


That is really, really cool!


I have no connection to Ireland, but the language fascinates me because (as far as I'm concerned as an English speaker) the pronunciation of Irish is far removed from the spelling. For instance, I would occasionally see in English news articles the word Taoiseach, but an English speaker would not be able to work out how that word is correctly pronounced. That just makes the language intriguing to me.


The language isn't really removed from the spelling as much as it just uses the same letters with different meanings. The Irish alphabet came directly from Latin, not through English.


The writing system of Irish matches the language much more closely than the English writing system matches English. In fact, the English writing system is generally regarded as one of the worst in terms of match between graphemes and phonemes.


Because I'm Irish and proud :) too bad I hated the language growing up and ended up failing it. Now at a new job my co-worker puts out a few sentences every now and then, it got me in the mood for coming back to this language as well as finding it's available here on duolingo. Great stuff

Go n-éirí leat


I hope that you have thanked your co-worker for the inspiration!

Tá súil agam gur ghabh tú buíochas le do comhghleacaí as an inspioráid!


I have distant cousins who I visit every few years that live in the Gaeltacht. Obviously they all speak perfect English but I thought it would be cool to learn some Irish for when I go back next.


Like dubhglasM, I'm a linguist. I'm studying Irish to acquaint myself with a Celtic language and the various grammatical structures that Irish uses, especially those that are different from the Romance and Germanic languages I'm familiar with. I also want to learn some Irish so I can more easily give examples in my linguistics classes, instead of constantly having to piece together example sentences from dictionaries and online grammar websites without really understanding all the grammatical intricacies.


Marks try some easy ones like "Cad as duit [Where are you from] or scair me areir [last night I called over] or they too easy I mean is it something deeper you are thinking off?

Slan Tamaill

Pauric P.

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