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Strengthen skills

When I get to the end of the "strengthen skills" quizzes, the program never awards XP or anything. After the last question, when I hit the "continue" button, the site doesn't do anything. So when I click on a different link, it says" Are you sure you want to quit, you will lose all progress."

Is this normal?

I am using new iMac with latest OS. My browser is google chrome.

This appears to be the only part of the site that does that to me.

February 23, 2014



it isn't normal. I tried it to make sure, but i got xp.


Thanks for trying to duplicate the problem. I tried restarting my computer, that didn't help. It works when I go into a lesson a do a "strengthen" on individual lessons. But when I am on the main Home page, and do a "strengthen", it stops after my last answer and never tallies up xp.

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