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Content report: "They eat apples."

I have a content report ("report a problem") for a sentence. I couldn't report it at the time because Duolingo happened to exhibit the glitch where the question is marked as correct while answering but still marked wrong at the end of the lesson.

The question was "Mark all correct translations" on the sentence "They eat apples." I selected "Τρώνε μήλα." and "Αυτοί τρώνε μήλα." The correct response is marked as only "Αυτοί τρώνε μήλα." Surely this is incorrect?

Screenshot of the lesson review card with the above information

December 13, 2016



You are correct on both counts. Yes, both "Τρώνε..." and "Αυτοί τρώνε..." should have been accepted. And it needs to be corrected. Thank you for the screenshot it helps when we report which I will do. Please let us know which area of the skill this was found...the tree, strengthen skills etc?


This was in "strengthen skills" (the general one, not any particular lesson).


I'm not surprised. We have quite a list for Strength skill. Many thanks

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