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Luxembourgish Lessons #7: The Dative Case

Welcome to number seven of the Luxembourgish lessons. This lesson will be covering the dative case, which will be the main theme of quite a few topics down the road, with this lesson giving a basic overview.

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Accusative "No", but Dative "Yes"

With the exception of pronouns, Luxembourgish makes no distinction between the nominative and accusative cases. Therefore, the definite and indefinite articles undergo no change whether the noun is the subject or direct object:

  • De Vull "The bird"
  • Ech hunn de Vull "I have the bird"

However, Luxembourgish does have a dative case, meaning that articles do undergo changes when they are part of the indirect objects. For example:

  • Nominative: De Vull "The bird"
  • Accusative: Ech hunn de Vull "I have the bird"
  • Dative: Ech ginn dem Vull en Apel "I give an apple to the bird"

Note the article changes below as they appear in future lessons:



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December 13, 2016


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