"Tu pui găina pe cuptor."

Translation:You put the hen on the oven.

December 13, 2016

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On many stoves, you can't put anything on the over. You put the dish in the oven. Does this sentence mean on the oven, or in the oven?


Older rural households had just a brick oven without cooktop. Food would be put on top of the oven to keep it warm. Open fire was made separately in a fire pit. Putting a (possibly live) hen on top of the oven seems to be from a comedy Louis de Funès style movie. Give it a smile.


Only Duolingo knows!


Either a farmer or a cook is making a basic mistake by the sound of it.


How would it be: you put the chicken in the oven? Tu pui pui in cuptor?


Should be: Tu pui puiul în cuptor.


It should be "in" the oven, not "on" the oven


Different question from me, is there a big difference between "to place" and "to put" for "pui" in this sentence? It would not accept "to place" but seems equivocal to me. A native speaker with me couldn't see any difference.


Surely it should be tu pui gaina in cuptor? and be in in the english translation. Even if it was talking about a traditional stove, it would still be rather difficult to cook an entire chicken (as is implied) 'on' the hob. Is it possible that in this sentence they are referring to the chicken, as in the chicken pieces? In which case, you could easily cook it 'on' the oven.


After you've cooked it in the oven, you might take it out and place it on the oven to rest. Just saying....


Didn't have a clue what the second word was from the sound, so only typed "tu" and was marked correct

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