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"Bạn không nên uống rượu nhiều."

Translation:You should not drink much wine.

December 13, 2016



What about : You shouldn't drink too much wine


It's as if they're trying to avoid the correct translation...


too much would be nhiều quá. Nhiều is just much or a lot.


"much wine" and "wine much" are both accepted here, but the meaning is much different in English; the former indicating volume of wine consumed and the latter indicating frequency. I'm wondering how this sentence structure affects the meaning in Vietnamese? Which does it actually mean?


I think c3trash explained this well. The current structure indicates frequency as well so it seems than much wine is incorrect. If they wanted to indicate volume then it should've been "nhiều rượu"


The word ordering to me seems more like it'd be "You shouldn't drink wine often." I would think "You shouldn't drink much wine" would be "Bạn không nên uống nhiều rượu."

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