"You rarely eat dinner separately."

Translation:Voi rar mâncați separat cina.

December 13, 2016

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It looks like not all the good answers are considered. More than this, the offered translation is not the most common one. It souns like Yoda is speaking. "Voi mancati rar cina separat" sounds much better.


Voi mâncați rar cina separat


you give "Tu rar mănânci cina separat" but also say "Voi rar mâncați separat cina". Why the inversion of word order between tu and voi ? I gave: voi rar mâncați cina separat which has the same word order as the first correct answer and should be accepted. In any case one person could hardly eat dinner any other way but separately unless you state separately from someone.


You're right about the word order; this course is in beta, so there's probably a lot of translations not covered. Report them and they'll hopefully be added.


Why is dinner shown in the definite form cina? I would have expected to see it in the indefinite form as that is how dinner is presented in the English sentence. Any special rule to remember here?


As far as I can tell, the ”eat dinner” versus ”eat the dinner” question is peculiar to English - and mostly applies to food. Romanian uses the definite article in the same way you would use the article in English to speak of most other things: I pet the dog, You take the book etc. So, if anything, English has the special rules on articulation! :)

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