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Hi everybody. Would it possible to have also for Dutch the Vocabulary session, based on the same model of German and French, please? It will be very very helpful. Thanks a lot and have a good day

2 years ago

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The "words" section is only available for the original courses made by Duolingo, e.g. French, Spanish, German.

Courses that originate from the incubator don't have this section and only Duolingo staff would be able to implement this.

2 years ago

No, unfortunately there isn't a words tab for dutch...

(but there is a way to access it. If you go on a language that does have words (French), then in a separate tab in your browser go to Dutch, then click on the "Words" in for French, it should bring you to the words page for Dutch. I'm not sure if that's a glitch or something, but I've found it to work.)

2 years ago
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