"Mae'r coed yn hyfryd yn y gwanwyn."

Translation:The trees are lovely in the spring.

December 13, 2016



Is "the forest is pretty in the spring" really wrong?

December 13, 2016


Not a mile off, but there are perhaps better words for both, although there is often an overlap with these sorts of things:

  • coedwig (coedwigoedd) - a forest (forests) (but sometimes also a wood...)
  • coeden (coed) - a tree, (trees, a wood)
  • pert, del - pretty

(With our course translations we usually go with the just the most usual patterns and words, not every possible one. Otherwise the lists of English and Welsh words for one pair of sentences can get very long, leading to sentences that are quite a long way from the general pattern and vocab that we want to introduce.)

December 13, 2016
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