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"The doctor had already answered red that question."

Translation:Ο γιατρός είχε απαντήσει ήδη σε εκείνη την ερώτηση.

December 13, 2016



What does "red" mean in this sentence?


Did you find this on Strengthen? I can't find it in the incubator, it's one of those zombie sentences, that have been corrected in the incubator, yet they still appear on Strengthen.


Yes it was on Strengthen, from English to Greek: "The doctor had already answered red that question." The "red" doesn't make any sense to me ;)


Yes, unfortunately, these sentences are just there, for no apparent reason, since they've already been fixed or disabled (that's why we call them zombies.). It seems to be an issue, I hope we will be able to find a way for them to knock themselves out of Strengthen. Thank you for our comment ^.^


Just letting you know that this "zombie" sentence is still out there in "Strengthing Skills."


Well.. They might be around for a long time. :/ We can fix this issue ourselves. Hopefully, it will get resolved with the release of the new tree. Thank you for letting us know though^.^

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