"The cat is not mine."

Translation:Il gatto non è mio.

February 15, 2013

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It's optional when you say "mine" but necessary when you say "my".

Il gatto è (il) mio. The cat is mine.

Il mio gatto. My cat.


Hey, i am italian, it is an error of the app, couse the italian people use il mio, thats okay your error is not so big, you do it good :D


You only put the (il) if you are geving direct owner ship- ie. My catg il mio gatto, so you are directly stating "my cat"


The right is : il gatto non è mio, but is like : il gatto non è il mio


is it correct - Il gatto non è mio


Yeah i speak a bit of italian and i know that thats correct i confirmed it with my friend who speaks full italian


That's also my question, and if it is, which way is more used ?


I used that exact sentence and the program approved.


I said 'Non e' il mio gatto' surely this is the same thing as 'Il gatto non e' il mio' ?


I think the difference is that your sentence means "It is not my cat," whereas the other sentence means "The cat is not mine." Same meaning, different sentence construction. :)


How come mio is right but mia is wrong?


Because “il gatto“ is a masculine noun. While “mio“ refers to one masculine possession, “mia“ refers to one feminine possession.


Could è non mia work to, or just non è mia?


I found this helpful:

Possess. Adjective Masculine Singular Feminine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Plural Possess. Pronoun

my il mio la mia i miei le mie mine your (fam.) il tuo la tua i tuoi le tue yours your (pol.) il Suo la Sua i Suoi le Sue yours his, her , its il suo la sua i suoi le sue hers,his, its our il nostro la nostra i nostri le nostre ours your (fam.) il vostro la vostra i vostri le vostre yours your (pol.) il Loro la Loro i Loro le Loro yours their il loro la loro i loro le loro theirs


Sorry, the table got corrupted and makes no sense. But it was found at http://www.italianlanguageguide.com/grammar/possessive-adjective.asp


I thought that "I" referred to English "The", no?


il, yes.

But English doesn't accept things like "the my" and "the mine", while Italian does.


I would have answered "Il gatto non é il mio" - why should it be incorrect?


Duo lingo translate this question "The cat is not mine" as "il gatto non è il mio" this was a multipule choice question. So now im confused. Can anyone clarify - is it correct to inclide the article in this case?


Mia & mio I'm confused can anybody help me with this.


'Mia' is for feminine nouns, and 'Mio' is for masculine nouns! In Italian, 'the cat' can be either feminine ('la gatta') or masculine ('il gatto'). You choose the gender based on the gender of the noun, because possessive adjectives (my, your, his, their, etc.) agree with the gender and the number of the thing they are describing (in this case, possessive adjective 'my' agrees with the thing, 'the cat'), therefore you can write: "LA GATTA non è MIA", or "IL GATTO non è MIO" : )


Another question in this exam is "The soup is not mine" and it wants you to answer La zuppa non e la mia

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