"The beautiful flight attendant."

Translation:Η όμορφη αεροσυνοδός.

December 13, 2016

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Doesn't αεροσυνοδός have a common m/f form? So shouldn't ο όμοροφος αεροσυνοδός be correct as well? Some flight attendants are male, after all.


You are right! Added! Thanks for the input. :)


A male flight attendant is usually called a φροντιστής. I tried Ο όμορφος φροντιστής but it wasn't accepted (I reported it).


I have added it. Thank you. We have both male and female for the English sentence and it's good to get a balance.


Comment made with the best of intentions: It would be great if all educational platforms, in addition to teaching their subjects, also tried to avoid stereotypes that are detrimental to women. Many people will not understand how "the beautiful flight attendant" reinforces sexism and will execrate my comment, but that is precisely the reason why my comment is necessary. Sexist ideas are so ingrained that people who think of themselves as non sexist cannot see them as such.


It seems you haven't received the new tree version...this sentence is not found there. Thanks for your concern .


Not used though. Αεροσυνοδός is a beautiful girl mostly :) Am I wrong? :)


Can't be the judge of the Greek usage. But, if the flight attendant is really a girl and not a woman or (on the outside) a young woman, the child-labor laws have been infringed again....

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