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"Las vacaciones son en noviembre."

Translation:Vacation is in November.

February 15, 2013



"vacations" - plural - in english means at least two vacations. like "I went on two vacations last year."

in spanish, isn't "vacaciones" always plural? for instance, don't you say "me gusta mis vacaciones" to mean "I like my vacation."

my reply of "Vacation is in November" should be correct as I'm fairly sure "las vacaciones son en noviembre" is not meant to refer to the fact that "VacationS are in November." even if I went with my family of 10 people in November, it would still be "vacation is in november."


yep, always the plural en español


I wrote "Vacation is in November" and got it right...


tamara- Vacatuions also means one period of vacation. When will you take your vacations? In July.


Its corrected now


And that would be me gustan las vacaciones.


What so I can't say "Holidays are in November." Why does duolingo insist on correcting my English when I am perfectly correct. It needs to recognise British English as well as American English.


Why is "las" used here?


If you're talking about "holidays" as in a seasonal celebration, you would say "fiestas" for example "Felices Fiestas" or "Happy Holidays." I mention this because I see "Feliz vacaciones" showing up in a few online translation services.


Interesting. It shows the correct answers could be either "Vacations are in November" or "The Holidays are in November", not "The vacations..." or "Holidays are..." as I put.


The holidays are in November worked for me.


Yes, I was also puzzled by the choice...


If "vacation" translates to "las vacaciones", then shouldn't the converse be true? Shouldn't "las vacaciones" translate to "vacation"?


I thought Las anything was plural. This seemed like a sure fire plural when it's " LaS vacacioneS Son..." so I don't understand how it can be ok in plural AND in singular form! ?


Don't be confused by word for word substitution. “Las vacaciones" is indeed always in the plural form. The difference is not in how many vacations you are taking, but rather that you always use the plural form for vacation when speaking in Spanish, whether you are taking what would be considered one, two, or ten vacations in English. It doesn't make sense from an English perspective, but it isn't English.


Duo didn't give a plural option at all and i lost a heart for choosing Vacation... :/


The same thing happened to me!


Im still confised even though I read the comments. So i can use vacaion when im talking about america but in spain i usually use the plural version? Also would I always use son even if it is singular? Thank you.


vacation is in november is right but holidays in november is wrong


Why did it say when I looked at the definition of "vacaciones" it said "(you) vacation?


wow i wish school vacations in november


What the damn baby,save you ass and change it quickly or I will get upset


Why is it not "The vacation is in November"? If you click on the words for translations, it will tell you that "'las vacaciones'" means "The vacation".


Shouldn't this be translated: The vacations are in November

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