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"Das Rezept"

Translation:The recipe

February 15, 2013



It would be so helpful if the articles (der,die,das) put in "our" vocabulary by the nouns we have learned through the lessons. It's easier to remind ourselves of correct gender, as we checking out the words.


Yes, this is a valid point that has been made by others as well. Thanks for bringing it up.


How does duolingo decide which words are important for the beginner? "Recipe" seems a little esoteric, I can't even count to 10 yet.


I am not eating what you make from the recipe then! :) [j/k - I do get your point]


Perhaps you should repeat the introductory lessons, where numbers were taught. Here's a quick refresher. Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn.


I get your point. it does seem like there could be more important words for a beginner to learn before learning "Recipe".


Pardon, but it still makes sense in Germany, because you need a recipe from a doctor, when you are weak, very ill. So you can buy for example IBU 400 pills without recipe in a pharmacy, but not IBU 600.


In the United States, a "recipe" is not what a doctor gives you to take to a pharmacy in order to get medicine. A prescription is what a doctor gives you to take to a pharmacy to get medicine. I'm curious what it is called in other English-speaking countries.


In the UK - also prescription.


In Australia, generally a "script" ("I'll write you a script for a week's worth of antibiotics") but also, i guess more formally, "prescription"


Rezept is recipe... I got confused with this word again because Rezept sounds a lot like Receipt.....


Jane Austen uses "receipt" to mean recipe. At some fairly recent point, the English spelling changed.


Anyone know how to properly pronounce Rezept?

I cant figure out exactly how it should be said


think of the english words "red" and "september", combine them by eleminating "ember": "redsept"

more or less :-)


You are classically good. Thanks for extremely effective way of recipe prinunciation. I was horrified on this earlier but u made it easy.... Thanks.


My german teacher pronounces the e's as you would in "egg" and the z as if it were a sizzling sound or the ts sound.


a "z" in german is pronounced like "ts". So it is said like Retsept


The problem with the audio here is that the first vowel "e" is pronounced too long and is stressed while normally we would stress the second "e". Check out this great page for pronounciation questions: https://forvo.com/word/rezept/#de


the prescription


It can mean "prescription," yes, but considering that translation has yet to be introduced in the lessons, "recipe" is obviously implied.


in the context of food, "the prescription" makes no sense


Yes, however, we accept all possible translations for a given source sentence and a skill subject does not limit that.


Can someone POSITIVELY tell me, " is the first e in Rezept long or short "?


You can use a short e as well as a long one. The standard language prefers the long e, but colloquial the first e is often as short and weak as at the end of words like "Blume" or "Lampe".


It sounds awkward to my German ears to have a long first "e". Please check here: https://forvo.com/word/rezept/#de


If you're thinking the articles are challenging so far, just wait until we get to plurals and cases. I had pretty good Deutsch in college a long time ago, but the cases just become bewildering.


What's the most common way for a German speaker to say "The recipe calls for...."? I just learned all these ingredients and I'm trying to formulate a sentence with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated


"Für das Rezept braucht man ..." (For the recipe you need...) would an appropriate translation.


i got this answer wrong because i forgot how to spell "recipe"! haha im so silly sometimes (i spelt it recepie - what was even going through my head when i wrote that?? lol)


Guys this isnt even a sentence theres no verb :/ Sorry I just cringe when I see non-sentences


Im having trouble pronouncing Rezept. Is it like receipt but with a 'z' instead of a 'c'.


This program misses my misspellings now or says I am wrong when I am exactly right. Saving screen shots. It use to be so good! I said "Recept" and got it right. :-(


Keiner wird das Wort Rezept auf die erste Silbe betonen. Es ist falsch ausgesprochen. Die Betonung liegt auf dem zweiten "e".

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