"Do not eat! They are hot!"

Translation:Nu mâncați! Sunt iuți!

December 13, 2016

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Nu mănânci should work as well.


According to my Romanian friend it should be "Nu manca!" or if talking to more than person "Nu mancati!"


Is "mânca" some special imperative form? It is not normal present tense second person singular or plural, right?


Yes, the verb here is in the negative imperative form.


The thing is conjugare.ro shows a different imperative, namely mănâncă...


I tried to answer with "nu mânca! sunt caldi," and got dinged for using 'caldi' in place of 'iuţi.' My impression is that 'caldi' means 'hot' like a fire and 'iuţi' means 'hot' like a pepper. In English, both senses of 'hot' make sense in context.

Could, say, a loaf of bread fresh from the oven be too hot -- 'caldi' to eat (in the context of this sentence)? Or is there another word for this?


I thought cald means warm instead of hot. Not sure about the difference between physically hot and taste hot though. Native speaker to the rescue please


A new multi choice answer has now appeared with fierbinți! This means hot int he spicy sense - picant fierbinți! But also the garlic is described as hot and i expect that is spicy hot.


"Caldi" is not a Romanian word, it sounds like Italian one.

Cald (caldă, calzi, calde) means warm, not hot. You could use fierbinte (fierbinţi) for hot like a fire.


Are instructions like "Do not eat!" always in 'plural You' form?


would someone please explain b/c duo provides no rationale / explanation only what they feel is the only correct answer ...


Why the sentence is polite(second person plural) verb even though it is imperative form?


I thought this is someone talking to several people. In that case it's not polite form, but actual plural.

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