(Male) Cat

How To Pronounce It

  • Nom. Sg. - Кіт
  • Nom. Pl. - Коти́
  • Gen. Sg. Кота́
  • Gen. Pl. - Коті́в
  • Dat. Sg. - Кото́ві/Коту́
  • Dat. Pl. - Кота́м
  • Acc. Sg. - Кота́
  • Acc. Pl. - Коті́в
  • Inst. Sg. - Кото́м
  • Inst. Pl. - Кота́ми
  • Loc. Sg. - При кото́ві/коті́
  • Loc. Pl. - При кота́х
  • Voc. Sg. - Ко́те, Кіт
  • Voc. Pl. - Коти́
December 13, 2016


what's the difference between котові and коту?

December 13, 2016

There's no difference really. They're interchangeable, but note that when saying someone's full name (e.g. Olga Reznikova) you use the second ending on the second name. It's kinda like saying "I am" and "I'm" in English, one is shorter than the other but there is no difference.

December 14, 2016

well the first looks more like Polish (they have -owi endings) and the second 1 looks more like Russian

though I only recently found out that Ukrainian has -ові endings, so I guess they are less commonly used

December 14, 2016

While I can't give a definite answer, I practise western Ukrainian and I use -ові endings more that -у endings. It's really a personal choice. For example, книга and сендвіч are used more in Russian/central/eastern dialects книжка and канапка are more in Polish/western dialects.

December 14, 2016
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