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My Christmas Gift to Ukrainian Learners!

Coming soon!Since I became a contributor to Ukrainian and given the chance to help people learn this beautiful language, I have received so many lovely comments thanking me and I couldn't be more grateful! So, to thank you all and make your Ukrainian learning journey just that bit more fun this Christmas! So now, here are a few projects I'm gonna start working on in the run up to Christmas!

The Ukrainian Language Portal

The Ukrainian Grammar Portal Page is going to be moved and in its place will be links to posts such as the Grammar Portal and other new projects!

Free Online Ukrainian Dictionary, and Verb/Noun conjugator!

I'm gonna begin with this Swaedish list and move on to more advanced things with time.

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Listening Comprehension

Now you can practise your listening comprehension! This is a work in progress and will include subtitles and a free PDF activity sheet!

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This will be an easy way to learn some useful words and phrases for your trip!

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December 13, 2016



Ви дуже добрі, дякую за все :)


Thank you for your hard work. I'm looking forward to them, and am sure I won't be the only person to find them useful.

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Чи міг би я чимось допомогти? Я радо знайшов би пару годин на тиждень

І, до речі, це називається список Сводеша Swadesh list /ˈswɒdɛʃ/


Словник - словник громади і ви можете додавати слова коли ви хочете скажіть мені, будь ласка, коли ви додаваєте :)

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