"They are talking about the wine."

Translation:Μιλούν για το κρασί.

December 13, 2016

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why not "αυτοί μιλάνε σχετικά με το κρασί"?


Is «Μιλάνε σχετικά με το κρασί» acceptable?


Which form is more common? Μιλούν or Μιλάνε?


The latter in colloquial speech.


Well, the colloquial version is listed as the top hint. In fact, Μιλάνε is offered in the top 2 hints. The third being Μιλάμε, which does not fit here, as it is not first person plural. Lastly, at the very bottom, we find Μιλούν, which I chose anyway because it looks more familiar and I felt confident enough to challenge the system.

I don’t know if our dear mods have access to change the hint order but it’s worth a try. Μιλάνε looks strange to the neophyte.

(Using iPhone app)


I don’t know if our dear mods have access to change the hint order

They do not.

They can choose which hints exist, but the system decides by itself which of them to show (if there are more than three or four, it doesn't show the whole list) and in which order.


Thanks, Mizinamo! I thought so but it was worth a shot. :)


So, random bug: I wrote Μιλάνε για το κρασί and got corrected in the Roman alphabet: Almost correct! Milane gia to krasi.

(And I also don't see what is being corrected here....)


This sentence has lots of accepted translations... but Μιλάνε was missing!

Thanks - I've added it now.

(I suspect that the "correction" was from the Greek to Roman letters -- many sentences have accepted translations in Roman letters for the benefit of those who choose not to install a Greek keyboard.)


Yeah I get the part where you also accept Roman translations. I did that first too, although I've long since switched to using a Greek keyboard for writing in Greek and can definitely recommend it. But I was just a bit amused by being corrected in Roman for a perfectly correct sentence in Greek XD


I can imagine :)


Μιλούν σχετικά το κρασί wasn't accepted ?


You can't omit με. About = σχετικά με.


Ah yes, thanks!

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