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  5. "What is wrong with her?"

"What is wrong with her?"

Translation:Beth sy'n bod arni hi?

December 13, 2016



Why is ''gyda' hi' unacceptable?


Because the pattern with ar is what is used in Welsh. As quite often happens, a word-for-word translation does not work here.


Why is "Be' sy'n bod arni hi?" not accepted, please?


We have not been consistent in allowing the shortened spoken form Be ...?, that's all.

We will sort this out as we work on the next version of the course, and when we find out the preferred form used in the forthcoming new version of the Welsh for Adults materials that are currently being developed by The National Centre for Learning Welsh. In the meantime, Beth...? will always be accepted.


Thank you very much for your quick reply. I'll keep that in mind. It was just a thought as I learned "Be'" as well as "Beth". I'm studying the Wlpan Course in North Wales and as far as I'm aware, we use "Be'"

Diolch yn fawr.


What is sy'n a contraction of?


What is sy'n a contraction of?

sy(dd) yn


Is there any particular reason why "Beth sydd yn bod arni hi" is incorrect? I thought that "sydd yn" was just the more formal form of "sy'n".

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