"It is getting late, I have to go."

Translation:Il se fait tard, je dois y aller.

February 15, 2013

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What is the purpose of "y" in this sentence?


In French, you can't say "go" without giving at least a hint of "where".

"Y"stands for "là" or "là-bas", either because the place was mentioned before or just to mean you are getting somewhere.


Does it work that way for "to go" only? Or do other verbs have the same rule?


I used 'quitter' as the verb to leave. Could this be accepted?


I don't understand the use of se here - why is this reflexive?


That is a colloquial expression where the reflexive has the role of a near-continuous meaning:

il se fait tard = it is becoming late (it is being late)

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Although this expression has not been introduced yet, I gave the translation "je dois m'en aller" instead of "je dois y aller" and it was accepted. Thinking about it, my version is more like "I have to leave", but anyway.

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    why is it "il est tard" which I thought meant "it IS late" when they ask for a translation of "it is getting late" Thanks!

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