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  5. "Roșia e un fruct!"

"Roșia e un fruct!"

Translation:The tomato is a fruit!

December 13, 2016



Knowledge is the realization that the tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.


Is this referring to a particular tomato or is it a general statement about tomatoes? Does this wording apply to both meanings in Romanian? I ask because in English it would be more typical to use the indefinite article or the plural for a general statement. "A tomato is a fruit." or "Tomatoes are a fruit." But I know that in several languages the definite article is used for this purpose.


If Romanian is like any other romance language, it can be about both a particular tomato, or a general statement. Just in this case it makes no sense to translate it as "the tomato."


no, botanically it is a fruit, because it holds the seeds (like peppers, too)

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