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"Ich gehe jedes Jahr nach Italien."

Translation:I go to Italy every year.

February 24, 2014



Not native english question: is "I go every year to Italy" not idiomatic? Because it got me wrong with this one.


It sounds better to say "Every year I go to Italy" or "I go to Italy every year", but your version should be fine.


I got this wrong with 'I go every year to Italy'.......why is this wrong??? By the way English is my native language :-)


Same here - native speaker, got marked down for "I go every year to Italy"


I've got this one wrong too..can someone explain to us?


"I go every year to Italy" is accepted now. Guess someone reported it.


Yup, I got the email that this answer is now accepted from Duolingo this morning. I forget when I reported though. It takes a little while for them to review I guess.


Native English speaker here. That sentence should be fine.


Why is it wrong to translate "each year" as "jedes Jahr"? It marked me wrong for that and said that it would be "every year" instead. To me, either one should be fine.


I put that too ,and to me it is perfectly correct, even though market as incorrect. It is what we say most commonly here in Ireland for sure.


Native German speakers: what is the difference between saying gehe or fahre here? I've tried to google the usage and it seem like you say "fahre" much more often in this context. Is there any difference in style or meaning?


As far as I know, Fahren is used whenever someone goes somewhere using a means of transport, and gehen whenever someone goes by foot somewhere. So in this case I don't know why they used gehen, because you don't usually go by foot to another country.


Yes, that's what I thought too. At first I thought it was just a translation error from English, but when I googled it I found that people do sometimes use "gehen" this way (not as often as "fahren", though) but I couldn't see whether there's any difference in style or meaning. So I still wonder.


If I say "Ich gehe nach Italien jedes Jahr", is that also correct? I have trouble with structuring German sentences.


Correct, but sounds off. Generally, German keeps time-words like "heute", "um fünf Uhr" or "jedes Jahr" close to the verb, preferrably right after.


Good advice, linglot for you.


I think it should ich fahre


I am Italian and Italy is now a dictatorship! Please help us!


This was my last sentence with no hearts ...and I wrote "I go to Italy every year"......and I lost.....WHY WHY WHY ME...!!!!!


You learn more and faster when you learn to be happy making mistakes. Be proud of yourself trying, trying, and trying again! Yes, you can!


Is nach always used with proper places (countries, cities, etc...)?


every year or each year - what's the dif

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The slow version of the sound, with the female voice, is wrong. "Ich gehe" is something like "Ich wir". I reported the sound, but there's no way to give the kind of precise report that could actually be used to fix things.


"Gehen" implies walking. "Ich fahre" would be closer to the English "I go."


maybe not this year...

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