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Streaks In Web vs Android

After a ~70 odd day streak practicing slipped my mind due a massive day of parties until I got home and it was 12:03am. Oh crud. Luckily I had a streak freeze pre-purchased and hastily used it. On the web interface it now says "72 days" so all is good. However when I open up my Android app it reads that I've got a "2 day" streak...?

I'm guessing this is just a small glitch but couldn't find any other troubleshooting topics relating to it so thought I'd let you guys at Duolingo know :-)

February 24, 2014



You can see your overall streak in your profile page on your Android which correlates to the website streak. The streak in your sidebar is your language streak, which is not affected by streak freezes.


hey everyone! This isn't a glitch. As wazzie describes- the streak freeze is for the web only. The overall streak is on the web and language specific streak is what you'll see on an Android device. I understand this confusion. I'm going to get this feedback to the rest of the team, and we'll work on making this clearer.

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Hi, could you help me, I can't find the streak freeze option in the DL android app. Thank you!


Yeah I figured it was just a simple overlooked coding glitch in the Android code. Point was to alert Duolingo so they can fix it in the next update :-)


They've know about this for months, and haven't fixed it yet.
What you see on you Android is a language specific streak. The streak freeze freezes only the overall streak (what you see on the website)
This question appears about once every two days. Yours is the second today ;)


Yeah? Right... well that's very much NOT explained by them anywhere lol

Also I did a search for "streak freeze" before posting and I couldn't find anything. Ah well!


That's why everyone always ask about it, and their search feature isn't the best, so I don't blame anyone for not finding what they are looking for :)


Hi Rebek,

There is info about this in the New User FAQ: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103

(This information will soon be moved here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki#Getting_Help and updated.) ^_^

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