"Nu, mulțumesc!"

Translation:No, thank you!

December 14, 2016

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"No, thanks!" should be considered correct, even though it is not very formal.


no thanks is less formal and you would use merci, it is the difference between thanks and thank you


Why doesn't this accept "No, thanks!"? Thanks = thank you!


thanks is merci, this is more formal so you would use thank you


Im assuming mulțumesc is more formal than Merçi?


Yes! Mulțumesc is the romanian word. Coming from French you can also find ”mersi” (with s) but this is regarded as an ”imported” word and as such some people loves it while others disregard it.


Maybe I'm finding too many false cognates, but the part of the word "Mult," suggests being derived from many "multi"... so I'm wondering if Many thanks. or Thank you very much isn't also an adequate translation here!


"mult" does mean "much" in romanian, however, the word "multumesc", even though probably derived initially from mult+something, is the only word for "thank you" (except the borrowed "merci/mersi"). There is no lesser form of thank you below Multumesc; to say thank you very much, we say "multumesc MULT" (or "multumesc foarte mult", foarte = very).


So, 'mesc' by itself doesn't really mean anything? Did it derive from an older word? I'm just trying to find a mnemonic to memorise this better.


Did you know my parents and grandparents where from Romania


No thank you is the correct answer


I Don't think Thanks or No, thank you works, because others use the term "No thank you!" The difference is they don't pause/hesitate with the comma, they just say it straight up no pausing.

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