December 14, 2016

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can some one explain what is the difference between ''Suppa'' and ''Ciorba''. I find ''Ciorba'' easier because it is very close to my language ''shorba''


I am not at all gastronomically inclined, but I figure that my understanding as a layman matters: "supă" is the clear stuff (maybe with some noodles, dumplings or small pieces of meat thrown in). It's also everything that is "instant soup" (e.g. packages of "dust" that you pour in boiling water).
"ciorbă" is the one with a bunch of stuff in it, such as vegetables and meat.

On wikipedia the difference emphasizes added acidity.


Thank you. i get the idea


My romanian wife says that ciorba refers specifically to a sour type of soup. I know the difference when i taste it.

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