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  5. "Một nửa của mười là năm."

"Một nửa của mười năm."

Translation:A half of ten is five.

December 14, 2016



I wrote "1/2 of 10 is 5" Duo said i made a mistake. "2 of 10 is 5" that's just weird.


did they suggest the answer to be "2 of 10"? then it would be wrong. regardless, writing 1/2, 5, and 10 in numbers looks closer to a math equation to me here, especially when three words out of five are numbers. in French, we were taught to write numbers under 100 in letters. I won't be arguing that it is/should be the same in English tho. I was just saying.


This isn't fixed. Is anyone reading these messages?


it was really 1/2 that was entered in the list, but for some reason Duo can't read it as 1/2 but 2 only. so I took it off altogether. please spell out the numbers.


I can't hear any difference when the speaker said năm and tám > <


R U kidding, they're totally different.


Maybe turn the volume up?

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