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UPDATE: German Vocabulary List with Links

UPDATE ( 28 Dec 2015): This post is nearly 2 years old (the original German and Spanish versions were posted in February and March of 2014), and has long outlived its usefulness. The vocabulary list was created in response to Duolingo removing the vocabulary page. That has since been replaced by the "Words" page and this document is no longer entirely necessary. I stopped updating it a year and a half ago, but left it up for posterity. I've recently reorganized my VPSs and no longer operate the web server where this was hosted, so I'm removing the link.

UPDATE: Apparently there has been a change at Duolingo, and the links to the old vocabulary entries at Duolingo seem to no longer work. As unfortunate as this is, perhaps it is a sign that they're making some progress on returning a proper set of vocabulary tools to the users.

I've updated the list that I originally announced here to include 3 additional skill sections (through Verbs: Future 2). The list now includes the first 58 regular skill sections (still no bonus skills). I've also corrected a few other issues with the previous version of the list. All Duolingo links have been updated to be https links since this was causing some issues for a couple people. Also, I've cleaned up a couple of bad links that I had found, and I removed some extraneous spaces from some of the URLs.

I plan to continue to update as I move forward through the German tree, so keep an eye out here for update announcements.

Get the updated list at: [link removed]

February 24, 2014



Das ist sehr hilfreich. Vielen Dank!


Just in case anyone is interested, I've started making cards for learning the gender of the nouns on the German Vocab Tree. I'll be using pinkodoug's list to add more cards shortly. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1961301


Just wanted to comment that after using this for some time now, especially for specific word practice, this has saved Duo for me. Thanks so much, pinkodoug. Another lingot for you!

(Please note, Duo! It is essential that the ability to practice specific words remains in the new Vocabulary page(s) design; we must be able to employ a personal touch alongside Duo's algorithms. It's for the words that we are sure we do not know well.)


You are a star. Thank you. Have a bunch of lingots.


Why are no genders / articles included? :(


Because I didn't feel like adding them when I made the list. I created this list for my own use, and only shared it with others when it became apparent that there was interest in such a list. It's a lot of extra work to include the genders, and since I don't personally value including that information on the list., they're left out. You're more than welcome to add them yourself if you'd like :)


Oh well. Fair enough.


Vielen Dank!

Also, you can checkout this script that I created at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/399235, which allows you to see the vocabulary list within the lesson view.

Find out more at: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1996462


Excellent! This was exactly what I needed. One improvement should be that links should open in new tab/window. Have 3 lingots for your trouble. Thanks


I make the list for my own use, and do not prefer to open the links in separate windows by default, but you can easily do this yourself if you'd like. Open the html file in a text editor and use the search and replace feature (such as what's in the image below), and replace all instances of a href= with a target="_blank" href= and then save the file. Download another copy of the original if you make a mistake.



Thank you for the detailed explanation. I know how to change the html file, I just thought it would be helpful.


No problem. I figured that even if you knew how to do it, someone else hoping for the same change might benefit from the instructions.


Wow, this is really helpful! Thanks for putting in all the work and I look forward to updates!


Thank you so much!


Excellent, thank you! :)


Fantastic list thank you.


Could you (or anyone else) put this into an Anki deck?


I shared my Anki deck if that could be of any help. Unlike pinkodoug though, I've only done the 38 first skills.
Each card include the German word with audio on the front, and the English translation on the back together with an example sentence in German.
I also shared the reverse deck, with English on the front and German on the back.

Look for "Duolingo German to English (birdie222)" and "Duolingo English to German (birdie222)" on https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/german


Thanks for that - have a few lingots too.

Here's link direct to your decks https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/Birdie222


Thank you so much for sharing that. I am so happy I searched through this forum before trying to create my own.


Hi bibeaults, I'm glad my deck is helpful to you. I am planning to upgrade it with more vocabulary, when the vocabulary tab is re-introduced on Duolingo website.


I'll leave that to someone else since I don't use Anki, and am not very familiar with it (not a big fan of flash cards personally). My list doesn't include any translations, which you have to click a link to see, so adding those for nearly 1900 word forms (as of this update) will be a bit of work for someone. Beyond that, if there's a way to import information into Anki cards from a formatted file of some sort (csv, xml, json), getting the data into Anki cards shouldn't be difficult at all.


This is really useful. Thank you so much!!


Thank you so much! But why doesn't Duolingo offer this list, or the links to practice specific words, directly? It's going to be really useful for me to be able to practice specific leech words.


They used to. Until a few weeks ago, Duolingo had an awesome Vocabulary section which, unfortunately, they felt wasn't being used by enough users and needed to be redesigned. For some undisclosed reason (I assume it's because they felt that rewriting parts of it for the new interface would be a waste of their time), they decided to remove it entirely until the revamp was complete rather than leave the existing functionality in place. When the new interface was released and the I lost access to the Vocabulary section, I used another account that still had the old interface available to get the information to build the list this list. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a similar list together for Spanish before that other account was switched to the new interface.

If you're curious what the old Vocab section looked like, here's a screeshot from sometime last year: Imgur


That's a shame. I noticed you're able to build the URLs directly if you know the word and part of speech, e.g. https://www.duolingo.com/word/es/llevar/Verb , but the hard part is getting the word list to begin with.

I hope they keep these pages usable even as they're doing the redesign.


Yeah. For the first 50 skill sections or so, I had the links from Duo that I was able to just paste into the document. For the other 8, I've had to reconstruct the links to the word pages, which has been fairly straightforward, though it's taken some trial and error for a few of them. I do this for each new section that I start, and will update the list as I go, probably weekly or bi-weekly depending on my progress.

I also hope they leave the word pages available as they are, but since there are no guarantees, I've also added links to other resources.


How do I sign up for German on Duolingo? I have it on my phone but not my computer?


http:duoG ermanVocab.zip


would like to continue with French, and add German now


How do I show that I want to continue French and now to add German?

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