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  5. "Η αναζήτηση της γυναίκας"

"Η αναζήτηση της γυναίκας"

Translation:The woman's search

December 14, 2016



Η αναζήτηση της γυναίκας: I translated as "the search for the woman" but the alternative was "the woman's search". These translations appear to be contradictory with woman being both subject and object of the verb.


That's right. The genitive can refer to either the subject or the object of an implied verb.

Similarly in English - if you talk about the love of a parent, then the parent is the one who loves (the subject of loving), but when you talk about a love of music, then the music is the thing which gets loved (the object of loving).

So here too, η αναζήτηση της γυναίκας can have the genitive της γυναίκας referring to either the subject or object of the implied verb αναζητώ "search": the fact that the woman searched for something, or the fact that someone searched for the woman.


So can it mean either or? Is it just dependent on context?


So can it mean either or? Is it just dependent on context?



The search of the women got marked wrong


The search of the women got marked wrong

της γυναίκας is singular, so it would have to be "of the woman".

Plural "of the women" would be των γυναικών.


Research was marked wrong, but this word was one of the meanings given before. Could it be okay?

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