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Is there anywhere to get a basic, printable study sheet?


I am about to leave for a week-long camping trip. I would like to make a paper study sheet, and was wondering if there is any place on the site that makes this possible.

Ideally, such a sheet would contain a set of sentences and translations that I can review while I am out in the sunshine.


June 19, 2012



Unfortunately, no. But the conjugation articles I found on About.com are printable and I they make good study tools. http://french.about.com/lr/french_verb_conjugations/459318/3/


I know this is an old post but maybe someone will see it. I think this would be a great addition to duolingo. I'd love to have a simple study guide to browse over before starting each lesson. Going back and adding these now would be a lot of work but it's something the users could do to spread out that burden. It should be very easy for new lessons being created.

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