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  5. "Nu avem sucuri, avem vinuri."

"Nu avem sucuri, avem vinuri."

Translation:We do not have juices, we have wines.

December 14, 2016



I'll be right over ;)


Juice and wine are both plural in English. That translation is incorrect.

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Both of these are uncountable nouns in English, you're right. However, you can a selection of different types, it can be plural. e.g. We have red, white and rosé wines for you to choose from.


We usually say we have red,white and rose wine for you to choose from


It always comes back to the wine.


Well, true, but one can still say 'we have many juices to choose from'-one would not say 'juice' here. Aslo, 'we have a selection of wines'. It just depends on the context whether we add an 's' in English.


How can you tell this is " we do not have"?

I just read it as "Not have the juices, have the wines"

Where does the "we" come from? Is it the "have", is that the "we" form of have?

Thank you for your help and I'm sorry I don't know how to give these words their correct linguistic definitions; I'm an uneducated native English speaker :(


the "avem" is "we have" :)


Thank you for your help, that cleared a lot up for me

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