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  5. "Does your son like balloons?"

"Does your son like balloons?"

Translation:Con trai của bạn có thích bóng bay không?

December 14, 2016



I didn't know bóng bay meant balloon too


Just an untaught, unlisted, vocabulary item thrown at you to trip you up. In my honest opinion.


5/3/2023 - why the hell are we being tripped up in this manner! Imagine an english class where this happens? It simply doesn't! This is precisely the reason why so many people throw thw towel in! Vietnamese is one of the hardest languages for western people to learn, with different dialects and tones. More focus should be on promoting basic, functional and useful langauge with support and encouragement, instead of sneaky obscure words rheown in at the last minute!


You mistakenly write the year 2021 as 2023 kkk (•^•)


I thought balloon was bong bóng


It takes it, I just tried.


Are we talking about generic balloons here? No plural indicator, no classifier?


Yeah, I believe that part of it is correct, anyway. The question isn't about a specific set of balloons in front of the speaker/listener, but about balloon affinity in general.


Is there any difference between bong bóng and bóng bay? I never saw bong bay used before.


Con trai của anh có thích bóng bay không?


They discuss this...

...in the comments section of another sentence. Why no other clues?

As for tripping one up on this, I got it from process of elimination, but I got the multiple choice...


Why does this program do this? It's bad enough that in one module they introduce at least thirty new words, but then having introduced them use something else that means (we can only assume) the same thing???? It's as if they have no desire to actually teach this language.

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