December 14, 2016

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I Dont Have A Greek Keyboared


Here you go. Info for keyboard and some advice and tips on the use of Duo as well as Greek resources.



You can look in the Tips Notes (on the home page) and the forums here with a lot more information. Please feel free to ask for further help.


I can't write in Greek so I keep getting my answers wrong!


See here for how to get the keyboard and lots more information. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22040507

You should make it a habit to read the comments there is a lot to learn from them.

If a sentence is rejected use the REPORT options on the bottom of the exercise page.


What is the difference between η and ή with refards to pronunciation?


The accent marks the location of the stressed syllable.

So from the spelling ήδη, you know that it is the first syllable that is stressed, not the second one.

For example, νόμος means "law" and νομός means "nome" (a former administrative subdivision of Greece); the difference is in which syllable bears the stress, and the accent marks shows this.


On these types of questions, it would be cool if after you answer it correctly it pronounced the word. So I got the question right, but I'm unsure of how to pronounce it appropriately.


I wrote "πια" for "already" which was one of three options, why did it mark me incorrect?


Ok, in this case "πια" can be used as a synonym for already so I'm adding it to the accepted answers.

However, here's a tip worth knowing: the hints on Duo function similar to a dictionary and there may be many definitions but not all are suitable in all situations. Duolingo goes a step further in that it lists the correct translations in order for each sentence...so the best translation is at the top. So, try to choose the top translation.

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