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Some French problems

I am working on improving my Spanish and German while also learning French. I don't know if it's just because I took a placement test or what, but occasionally I am asked to verbally translate something written in English to Spanish or German, but never in French. Is there a reason for this? Because I like learning that way and would like to work on that. Also the "tips and notes" section is not showing up under my French sections, but it is under my German and Spanish sections. Is there a reason for that? Thank you!

February 24, 2014



Regarding translating from English to language X: These questions are fairly rare anyways which is why many users do their reverse trees (more translating from English to French/Spanish etc than in the normal trees). I would be surprised to hear it was missing entirely from one language. I do have a vague memory that there was more of it at the beginning of the course than at later stages.

Is tips and notes what is coming up in the lessons? It is also something that is mostly there at the beginning, so based on your levels in the 3 languages, maybe you are just further down the tree and this is why there might be less of it. Just guessing though :)


Well I can say with certainty that I have not once translated verbally from English to French, but I have with English to German and English to Spanish.

The "tips and notes" section is what is underneath the numbered lessons when you click on a lesson section; like if I clicked on "Basics 1" there would usually be a tips and notes section under the lesson groups, but it isn't in French.


It seems that this section is just not there, as a friend says he doesn't have it either.


Are they still there for the other languages? Some of them have been lost in the redesign as well. Not sure what would prevent the English to French translations. :( Sorry!


I stumbled across your comment and saw that no one has replied to you. I've primarily focused on French with only occasionally venturing into the Spanish section.

I've personally never done a verbal transition from English text into French and I wouldn't be surprised if the French creators don't use them. I would hazard to guess that since French relies heavily on the nuance of each word that these exercises are fairly hard for the computer translator to grade and therefore not a very good measure of learning. While you cannot be computer graded it's still a great idea to say the words aloud as you enter them to help reenforce what you're learning.

As for the "tips and notes" section -- there aren't any. Yeah. Since each language has different creators they all differ slightly and the French creators didn't both to include these. I really wish they had but... alas. That said the Duo French community is more than happy to answer questions... usually any way. =)

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