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"Ein Meter"

Translation:One meter

February 24, 2014



In England meter is for gas. Metre is for measurement


There are people studying from many English speaking countries, not just America. I am in Australia, and we write "metre". It should accept both. (It accepted mine but told me I had a typo.)


I though the same. I lost a life for putting Metre when it is technically correct.


Why is it EIN and not Eins


Eins is the number one. It's a noun. Ein is an adjective. It indictates how many of something there is. In English, we have lots and lots of words that can serve either as noun or adjective, depending on the context. Those are going to turn into two words in German.


Yeah I keep feeling like I should have completed an American English duolingo before even attempting the German one ;-) still a great app though.


I know what you mean. I'm using brain cells that have been sleeping a long time.


Was anybody else asked this question five times in a row...?


Sorry America, but Duo uses the metric system a lot, except when spelling


Shrugs, I don't mind. I'm pretty used to the metric system from my various science classes at this point, and I hate whenever they gave us imperial problems.


What is the difference between "ein" and "eins"?


Is it pronunciation of Meter with a long A as in the English word "pay"?


Close. But no diphthong. So approximately like an English long "a" but without the English "ee" sound at the end. More technically, /ˈmeːtɐ/ versus /peɪ/, or /eː/ versus /eɪ/.


Meter also means an instrument to measure something so the translation to "ein Meter" could also be " a meter" like an electrical meter, or a gas meter.


According to the dictionary the measuring device has a different word in German. (There are a few different ones, depending on the type.)


It will not allow me to send a report (maybe cause I have already reported one thing already in the section I am doing) but its making me wrong for giving the answer "One metre" . I see someone else complained about this 2 years ago and it has not been fixed. Australians use "metre" and not "meter"


in English Meter = metre !


Please stop posting that. You're using an American website/app. In American English, it's spelled "meter".


I imagine the British English variant is accepted, though, for this question? Typically it would be, on Duolingo, though sometimes it takes reporting it.


Yes, most British spellings are accepted automatically. They're hardcoded into the app. Whenever that's not the case, you can send a report.

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