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Culturally Specific Word List

Below is a list of Norwegian terms you may not find in a dictionary or in the Duolingo course, but they are buzzwords in Norwegian culture that come up time and again.

  • brunost -en = brown cheese, a staple of Norwegian pålegg culture.
  • Bunnpris = deceptively named "bottom price", Norway's most expensive supermarket chain
  • fadderuka = "godfather week", orientation week at Norwegian universities, when typically alcohol is consumed
  • harrytur -en = a trip to Sweden to purchase relatively cheap meat and alcohol
  • julebrus -en = a soft drink enjoyed around Christmastime
  • Kvikk Lunsj = the original Kit Kat bar
  • liksom = equivalent to the word "like", used as a filler word to soften certainty
  • Lofoten = a peninsula north of the Arctic Circle that attracts a lot of visitors, especially in the summer
  • lussekatt -en = a pastry eaten on December 13th
  • lutefisk -en = "lye fish", a fish dish made from cod and soda lye
  • pinnekjøtt -et = stick meat, a lamb dish served around Christmastime
  • Pirbadet = Norway's largest indoor water park, pretty much the only place to swim in Trondheim
  • pol -et = slang, short for Vinmonopolet
  • pålegg -et = anything you can put on a slice of bread, aside from butter
  • REMA 1000 = Norway's no-fuss, hassle-free supermarket chain, reportedly named after the thousand items they originally sold
  • russ -en = the crazy antics of Norwegians about to finish videregående skole
  • serr = slang, short for seriøst
  • snus -en = a form of powdered tobacco that typically comes in packets
  • videregående skole = the Norwegian variant of high school
  • Vinmonopolet = the Norwegian state-owned alcohol monopoly
  • vorspiel -et = loanword from German, a party before a larger outing
December 15, 2016



"Sær" means weird (sort of in a negative way)

"serr" is the slang for "seriøst"


In Finland, lutefisk is a Christmas dish. Do Norwegians eat it all year around? :)


The lutefisk season begins in medio October and lasts through Christmas.


Kvikk Lunsj might possibly be superior to Kit Kat (I wouldn't know, I've never tried one), but Kit Kat was first introduced in 1935, while Kvikk Lunsj was not introduced until 1937. So it can hardly be considered the "original" Kit Kat bar :)

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