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  5. "Welche Getränke sind gut?"

"Welche Getränke sind gut?"

Translation:Which drinks are good?

December 15, 2016



It is Welche because it is plural nominative, correct?


Yes. (NB: The form for fem. sing. nom., for example, is also welche.)


Just checking, Danke!


how would you say the same thing in another way ? like in the case you are in a bar and you want a recommendation , can some please help me and rephrase this sentence using different words?


Why would you want to say it in another way?

If you're in a bar and you want a recommendation, you can say it exactly like this and it will be fine.


My translations was "Which are good drinks?" I could definitely say it this way in english and it means the same thing as Duolingo's translation. It still asks the question.


What does "nominative" mean? Why can't "Welche" be written in any other way? Danke!


Nominative is one of the four grammatical cases of German.

Cases show the roles of various parts of a sentence.

English has two cases in pronouns -- for example, we say "I see him and he sees me." and we cannot say "I see he and him sees me".

The German nominative case is used, for example, for the subject of a sentence -- much like the English subjective case in words such as "I, he".

So the reason for why welche Getränke sind... can't be anything else is similar to how "they are ..." can't be anything else; you can't say "them are ...", for example, because it's just the wrong form to use for that role in a sentence (subject).

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