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"Los sábados toco el violín en el restaurante."

Translation:Saturdays I play the violin at the restaurant.

February 15, 2013



I said "I play violin on Saturdays at the restaurant" but got an error, and Duolingo said it's "On Saturdays I play the violin at the restaurant." And the difference is exactly what? Will report this one.


Either should be OK. I think it is more natural to use the word order I suggested, but either should be accepted.


why can en mean "at" instead of "a" or also mean "in"?


Because prepositions are very arbitrary. The meanings of things like in, on, at, to, etc are very fuzzy, and you could easily argue for the use of several of them for any given application. But in a specific language, only one may be acceptable. So while in one language in the beach, at the beach, and on the beach are all fine, and near the beach would be different, in some other language you may be forced to only say one of them, or other things might work too.


"en" can mean IN, ON, or AT


Isn't "toco" translated "I touch" instead of "I play"?


toco also means to play an instrument.


"Los" can mean "The" and "On"?


No. Why do you ask?

"los" means "the" (plural)


I said "I play the violin on saturdays in the restaurant" and got an error message...surely this is a more natural word order than the Duo translation?


Could be? every Saturday I play.......


"todos los sabados" would be every Saturday. I am not sure how Duo thinks, though.


Perhaps the checking system could be more flexible: Every Saturday I play the violin....... is evidently a correct translation but is marked up as incorrect.


I agree. Duo is inconsistent at times. I can see where it does not want us to say "every" if there is no Spanish word for "every," and I can see how it can't have possible "correct" answer in the database, but there are sooooooo many times it seems to reject the obvious and/or accept the odd, IMO.


Would it be incorrect to change the order and say, Toco el violín en el restaurante los sábados?

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I don't think that word order would be wrong - just like in English you can rearrange the order of phrases in sentences.

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