"The octopus has eight tentacles."

Translation:Το χταπόδι έχει οχτώ πόδια.

December 15, 2016

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Why has πόδια been used here instead of "πλοκάμι which seems more correct.


If I had to guess it might be because the word χταπόδι seems to be from the words 'οχτώ' and 'πόδια'. So I would guess that it's just strengthening that fact(?)


Not everything is logical when it comes to etymology.:P Plus, it's not completely illogical. As Spoonashy said, the word is a combination of οκτώ (eight) + πόδια (legs). So χταπόδι is literally described as something that has 8 legs. :P


ανεξάρτητα από την ετυμολογία όμως, η ακριβής σημασία της λέξης tentacle είναι το πλοκάμι


The program rejected my answer because I used οκτώ instead of οχτώ. Considering that οκτώ is used at least as often as οχτώ in written and spoken Greek, it makes sense to add it to the vocabulary of the course.


Οκτώ was added in sentences as an alternative to οχτώ, but apparently not in all of them. Its been edited and added though, thank you for your comment ^.^

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