"Mihai are patruzeci și nouă centilitri de lapte."

Translation:Michael has forty nine centiliters of milk.

December 15, 2016

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"Mihai has 49 centiliters of milk" is not accepted, but "Mihai has 40 nine centiliters of milk" as is accepted doesn't seem natural...


This is a Duo error, which I reported


I just noticed it as well... so still after 3 years...


Why is it not "Mihai are patruzeci si noua DE centilitri de lapte"? (except the accents)


The answer provided by Duolingo is wrong. Your answer is correct.


These were not designed with Canadian spelling in mind. Multiple times I've been so right, yet so wrong


I had no idea you had your own spelling in Canadia (btw that's an in joke, English spelling of your country's name in English English at present). Can you give us examples of Canadian spelling ( English and French equally welcome).


Just like for the phrase at the following link (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/20253053), I don't really get why is "49" wrong. Again, that makes no sense at all...

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Lucky him, that is almost half a litre!

Then again, it just probably means that he has drunk slightly more than half the one-litre bottle of milk he has in the fridge.

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